National Pharmacy Week 2015 Celebration

By | December 8, 2015

PDM College of Pharmacy actively organized several events on the occasion of National Pharmacy Week (NPW) 2015 celebration between 16th to 20th Nov 2015. The theme of this year’s NPW was
“Responsible use of Antibiotics Saves Lives”.

During the NPW, the first event organized was a seminar on 17th November in seminar hall on the theme “Power of Personal Appearance, Body Language and Positive Attitude. In a two hour long Program coordinated by Pharma Buds, students from B. Pharma and M.Pharm attended the event. The speaker identified was Mr. Bhanu Verma, General Senior Manager at Personality and Development training, Old World Hospitality, Lodhi Road. The Chief Guest who graced the event was Mr P.K Gupta, Managing Director of M/s Belco Pharma. The emcee welcomed the guests followed by the welcome address by the Principal of the college Dr. Hema Chaudhary. The speaker introduced and signified the importance of Personal Appearance and demonstrated its impact. His humour filled presentation with live examples kept the students engrossed throughout the seminar. The speaker emphasized about the signs of Body Language aiding in personality building. Lastly the talk covered how positive attitude makes a difference in one’s life.

The Second event organized during the NPW was a “Pharma Rally and Health Camp” in a nearby village Tandahari. The Pharma Rally and the Health Camp was organized for the Second Consecutive year in succession by PDM College of Pharmacy on 20th November 2015. All the students and the Faculty Members in lab-coats holding banners and play-cards along with information on safe use of medication and information on healthy lifestyle and orating slogans took out the rally for public awareness. PDM College of Pharmacy in association with Nandini Free Health Checkup Society run by Belco Pharma carried out free health check-up of the public. More than 500 villagers took benefit of the free health camp. During the Health Camp, students of various years of B.Pharm enacted Nukad Natak’s in the chaupal of the village for making the General public aware of social issues. Teams of Students and Teachers conducted a door to door health survey. The aim of the survey was to find out the actual health habits of people residing in village and their way of storing and using medicines. The data collection was based on the questions related to health, whether hands are washed or not, brushing teeth, taking medicine as prescribed, demand a bill for purchased medicines and how the medicines are stored. Apart from providing general information, students highlighted the role of Pharmacist in Health care and the scope of choosing Pharmacy as career. The resident of the village maintaining good and neat surroundings around their house was identified and suitably awarded by presenting a memento and a cash prize.


These activities during the NPW celebration helped all the students to nurture confidence and knowledge to be thorough professionals.

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